Clay Roof Tiles in Period Houses

As well as slate and lead, a common roofing material used in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian period houses was the clay tile. These are either flat, interlocking, or shaped for use on ridges.

This section covers:

Flat Tiles

Plain or 'peg' tiles are nailed to wooden batterns, or else fixed with wooden pegs.

Common tile designs were the arrowhead, club, bullnose and fishtail:

  • Plain - FT01
    Plain - Bricks & Brass code FT01
  • Club - FT02
    Club - FT02
  • Bullnose - FT03
    Bullnose - FT03
  • Reverse Club - FT04
    Reverse Club - FT04
  • Small Club - FT05
    Small Club - FT05
  • Arrowhead - FT06
    Arrowhead - FT06
  • Fishtail - FT07
    Fishtail - FT07

Interlocking Tiles

These are found in a range of designs, including the pantile and the modern Redland-style (made from concrete rather than clay). Interlocking tiles were rarely original in London houses of 1830 to 1914.