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This page highlights some of our most popular sections and pages. The fireplaces, flooring and windows of a period house are all key features, and the condition of the walls is often a worry for owners.


A traditional fireplace is a welcome feature on a cold day and for the rest of the year is more decorative than the TV.

Do you want to reinstate a fireplace? Or renovate one? Take a look at our advice in our Caring section. If you need to buy a fireplace, have a look in Getting to Know to help you choose the right style.


The two usual flooring materials in old houses are wooden floorboards and encaustic tiles. Wooden flooring can be left bare or carpetted for more comfort. Read our advice on refurbishing your wooden floors.

One of the most spectacular features of older houses is an encaustic tiled floor; we have guidance on cleaning and restoring these floors. You can also commission a new one for a hallway or even a porch and garden path.


The most dramatic improvement you can make to a period home is to reinstate the correct style of window. Before you rip out existing wooden sash windows, even if they are in a poor state of repair, make sure you get a quote to restore them. If they are beyond saving, windows in traditional materials are worth saving for; wooden sash windows, for example look better than those in uPVC and can add much more to the value of your home. Read our advice first.

Wall Paint, Render and Damp

If your exterior walls are in poor condition, think carefully before you paint them, use a wall coating, or opt for render or pebble-dash. These options can cause problems which are costly to remedy. If your house already has them, they can be removed, with care.