Press Release 1st October 2003

Bricks & Brass

01 OCTOBER 2003

UK Launch of the ALLSAW™ 150

The new ALLSAW™ 150 (AS150) is a revolution in cutting technology. Using a unique patented orbital cutting motion and two forward-facing blades, the Allsaw™ 150 is able to perform with degrees of effectiveness and safety which were previously impossible.

Designed for the professional and DIYer, the Allsaw™ 150 is made to exacting standards. It is ideal for a variety of cutting tasks making it the most versatile and useful tool you will ever own.

Cut More: The AS150 is able to cut bricks, mortar, soft sandstone, natural limestone, timber, plastics, foams or any combination of these materials. It will also cut tree-stumps (through dirt and sand) and is ideal for pruning and other landscaping tasks.
Cut Dry: The AS150 cuts masonry materials dry, with significantly less breathable dust than disc cutters.
Cut Safe: Unlike disc cutters the AS150 does not throw dust into the air, or kick back.
Cut Deep: The AS150 is the only small, handheld saw able to cut to depths of 120mm (plunge blades) in masonry materials.
Cut Square: The AS150 is able to cut square corners, requiring no over-cutting, or bolstering.
Plunge Cut: Use the AS150 to cut directly into flush walls without stitch drilling.

At Bricks & Brass, we were so impressed with this tool from Australia that we are selling it direct. Simon Tyrrell-Lewis of Bricks & Brass comments:

"This tool will save massive amounts of time on a large restoration project. It also offers a more gentle and precise method of removing cement pointing from soft bricks than a cutting disc."


Notes for Editors

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