Press Release 24th May 2002

Bricks & Brass

24 MAY 2002

Questions on the house

Where can I get these door knobs? How is this piece of wood made? What sort of plaster coving would suit my Edwardian house? Can I escape VAT on work on my listed building?

Questions, questions, questions. We love them. They tell us what period house owners need to know. They are challenging and pleasing to solve. Sometimes, however, they have us stumped.

Now, with the new Bricks & Brass web forum the owners of period houses can ask questions and draw on the help of other period house experts.

House owners in the US have many web sites offering help. In the UK, only Bricks & Brass can support its forum with such a huge quantity of online information.

Bricks & Brass tells you about the original style of doors, paper and paint, windows, brickwork and roofing. The DIY section has answers to many questions, for example on damp and pointing. Look for products and services in the directory. The site complements magazines with their inspirational pictures, and books with their specialist detail.


Notes for Editors

In February 2001, Simon Tyrrell-Lewis launched Bricks & Brass to share his enthusiasm for houses built between 1830 and 1914. With over 300 pages of information, Bricks & Brass presents the history of houses in the United Kingdom built in the Victorian and Edwardian periods and later; A guide to architectural details and decor with tips about restoration and maintenance work. Contact information for companies providing essential services to the owners of old houses, such as fireplace restoration and encaustic tiles, and for organisations which can offer advice. Information about books on the history and care of period homes, a glossary of terms and interesting events.


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