This section covers the types of stonework you are likely to encounter in period houses, and how you should care for it.

An obvious assumption about stone is that it is a strong material, but in fact many types of stone are as vulnerable as most old bricks. As with brickwork, the enemies of stone are combinations of damp and cold temperatures as well as attempts made to seal or repair damage with inappropriate materials.

Stone walls can be of cut stone (ashlar) or uneven pieces (rubblework). A combination may be used in which a rubblework wall is faced with ashlar. Stone is also used for lintels, window cills, steps, capping on walls and parapets, and decorative details. The joints are normally of lime mortar.

This section explains:

Because of the cost and difficulty of correcting maintenance errors in stonework, if you are in any doubt as to how to repair stonework, please seek expert guidance.