Interior Walls in Edwardian Houses

Edwardian houses used wallpaper, paint and wood panelling. Stencilling was very popular.

Wall-coverings in most Edwardian homes were of paper. This was made in Britain or imported from France. Decorative designs were florals to match fabrics used for curtains and furniture, as well as Art Nouveau designs. Relief paper, such as Lincrusta, was still used in the hall, on the landing and on the staircase.

Through mechanisation, wallpaper was now considerably cheaper and it was therefore used in more homes and for more rooms. However, paint was still common in smaller bedrooms, the bathroom, kitchen and scullery.

The Edwardian era saw extensive use of stencilling, particularly on the frieze. An alternative was the pictorial wallpaper.

In Tudor and Jacobean-style homes, wood panelling was popular, for example in the hall and dining room.