Edwardian Furniture

Edwardian rooms, although less crowded, were still cluttered.

To go with the eclectic nature of the architecture of the time, the furniture available was an eclectic mix, and many homes will have mixed the styles too. Some furniture was mediaeval in style, heavy and in dark woods. Arts and Crafts-influenced furniture was lighter and simple in design. The organic forms from the Art Nouveau vocabulary appeared on other furniture. And then there were pieces taking their inspiration from French and English 18th century designs.

Much of the furniture was light, elegant and delicate. The materials used included pale woods such as oak, walnut, and cherry, and also wicker, cane and bamboo. Inlays were used to add decoration.

Furniture was sometimes painted in soft colours or with highlights in gilt.

Armchairs and sofas were still well stuffed but with loose covers in flowery chintz.