Curtains in Edwardian Houses

Edwardian window treatments, including curtaining, reflected the desire for light. However, the three element treatment persisted for rooms visible from the road; curtains, lace and blinds. Less public rooms would have just the curtains or the curtains and blinds only.

The curtains were in plain designs, for example straight from the ceiling to the floor, with a tie-back and a box pelmet. Fabrics were in simple patterns, for example chintz in an off-white with a floral design. Other fabrics were damask, silk and muslin.

Curtains were hung on simple brass poles.

Lace curtains were still used, but perhaps for the lower half of a sash window only.

Blinds were in cloth or wood, in pinoleum, roller and Venetian styles. Sometimes they were of a disposable 'Japanese' paper.