Building Survey - Garden

When conducting your own survey of a period house, check the following:

Walls and Fences

Who owns each of the boundaries?

What is the type and condition of each fence and wall?


What is the type and condition of each gate?

Paths and Terracing

What is the type and condition of each path or area of terracing? Are they uneven or cracked?


What is the location, type and condition of each significant tree within the boundary and close to it outside? Are any overhanging your property? If you have children, are there any trees with prickly leaves or poisonous seeds such as laburnum or holly?

What are the current arrangements for pruning trees on the boundary?


Attempt to lift any manhole covers. What is the condition of the pits? Look for cracks, bulges and roots.

Test the drainage flow by running taps. Pour a bucket of water into the pits if there is more than one and check for the rate of flow. Beware that the flow could be in either direction.