Building Survey - Garage

When conducting your own survey of a period house, if there is a garage or other out-building, use the Exterior checklist as well as the checks here.


What materials are used for the ceiling? If wood, look for signs of woodworm or rot.


For each door, is it well maintained? What is the condition of the paint? Is it flaking or cracked? Are there any signs of rot in the wood?

How well does the door fit in the frame? Look at the clearance all round. If you can open the door, is it warped?

What type of lock is fitted?

If the door is an up-and-over type, check the operation.


Try to assess whether the floor is level; sloping floors can indicate settlement. Look for slopes or gulleys to prevent the ingress of rainwater.

What is the floor made from? If the floor is solid, is it original or modern concrete? Are there any cracks?