Suitable paint for black weatherboard barn

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Suitable paint for black weatherboard barn

Postby Hilly » Fri May 11, 2007 7:14 pm

Hello - three years ago we built an extension onto our cottage in traditonal Berkshire black weatherboarding, and now we want to repaint it. Unfortunately, the builders ran off half way through the job so I can't ask them what they used. It is a very matt black - no shine at all - and although the spec said they were to use Sadolin stain, we doubt it as the Sadolin range is semi-gloss at its mattest. We tried a sample of Osmo Country Colours in charcoal and that is definitely shinier, and also bluer. We don't even know if the original is paint or stain - we suspect maybe paint as the Osmo sample didn't dry after 15 hours - but actually there's no flaking or peeling anywhere. They just didn't paint it very well - or in some cases, at all......

Suggestions gratefully received!
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