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Unhelpful CO

Postby em7609 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:33 pm

Thank you for adding me to the site.
I am considering buying a grade II listed cottage in Hampshire and have been completely rebuffed by the CO. Ive been told to get any advice at all I must apply and pay for pre application advice. Is this normal? I only wanted a broad idea of what I could and couldnt change without consent.

Most modernisations seem to have been done before the property was listed (which I will of course double check), I just wanted to make sure replacement of the 1970s bathroom and kitchen would be acceptable together with possibly moving one or two internal partition walls to make the living space better. Apart from this, I think I could be happy with the layout as it is. Any major proposals for change I would of course apply for consent.
I dont know how owners of listed properties can sell if the local CO makes themselves so unapproachable. I cant possibly make the vendor an offer unless I have some idea what Im in for.
This is all new to me but I like the idea of helping to preserve and be custodian of a historic building. Would anyone be prepared to mentor me?
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