Garden Wall of Grade 2 listed building

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Garden Wall of Grade 2 listed building

Postby Alfie » Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:29 pm

We have a problem with our neighbour and a joining wall - they are grade 2 listed, we are not. Our joining garden wall was partially replaced on our instigation a couple of months ago due to a hole in the wall and it being very unstable (it would have fallen in our garden). We agreed to pay half each. The wall was rebuilt from our side (about a quarter of the full length - 1.5 m long, over 2m high) and it looks great on our side, but theirs is not perfect (uneven bricks, dodgy pointing, bits sticking out). They are demanding that it is all rebuilt (well, the bit that has just been rebuilt) and done to a Grade 2 listed standard. As the rest of the wall on both sides is a complete mish-mash of styles and rebuilds over the years (some very modern red bricks) can they demand that the new bit is taken down and rebuilt on those grounds? the builder who accepts that his guy did a really bad job is happy to re-point, replace dodgy bricks and make good, but (in my opinion) it doesn't look bad, especially as the rest of the surrounding wall is a mess. Rebuilding doesn't effect them as the wall is at the back of their garden behind a large shed (which makes it all the more annoying) - the wall in our garden is right in the middle and will involve trashing my best boarder / new trees.
Do they have the right to demand rebuilding on Grade 2 listed grounds esp when what surrounds it is so rubbish and not going to be re-placed?
I hope that makes sense!
Hoping for some advice....
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