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Bathroom door

Postby Saam » Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:30 pm

We're thinking of replacing our (modern, hollow) bathroom door with a victorian pine 4 panelled partly (top two panels) leaded (colourfully) glazed one.
We're in a Victorian flat, but were just wondering if this is an unusual or even strange idea, from practical and other considerations.
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Re: Bathroom door

Postby tim smedley » Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:24 pm


Spookily my other half and I were looking at our bathroom door last week and are going to do the same thing to increase light onto the landing. The concept seems to fit with the Victorian/Edwardian eras although the glass would have been crazed.

The one thing we are "worried" about is how to get the glass transparent enough to let light in yet obscured enough to stop people seeing through. The colours we have found/seen won't do the job as the bathroom window is on the opposite wall so on a sunny day we think that nothing will be left to the imagination!

Friends of mine have a more deco styled house with 4 panel doors but with the panels one above the other. The top one on their bathroom door is glass and is so high you get the light but with more privacy. Our problem is that the other 4 doors on the landing are as you describe yours so they won't match.

We intend to pop over to the local salvage yard and have a poke around to see what we can find that offers a compromise.

Let me know how you get on.

tim smedley
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Re: Bathroom door

Postby Saam » Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:14 pm

Interesting. Your situation has some similarities and some distinct differences to ours.
First of all our home has 'upside-down' accommodation which means that our bathroom is on the lower ground floor where the bedrooms are as well.
Our bathroom does not have a window (sadly) and so our purpose is not to let light through, but really to add a little bit of character.
Funnily enough what you try to do to your bathroom, we have actually done to our study (come bedroom) which does come off a (kind of 'half'-) landing.
Here we have hung a stained glass 4 panelled door which does let some lovely light through and certainly has added some character.To let more light in though, we often have the door fully opened. Which may or may not be something you wish to do with your bathroom door.
When I mentioned our bathroom door plans to our (teenage) daughter she almost shrieked! Worried.....
tim smedley wrote:that nothing will be left to the imagination!
I think I have however found a door which hopefully can preserve privacy. It's a stained glass door very much in the style of our other one but where all the glass (also the coloured pieces) is cloudy ('bubble' relief).
I think as far as glazed doors are concerned there are different levels of opaque-ness (probably not a word) with different terms used for it as well.
Finally, I was also wondering if safety could be an issue as well. Perhaps modern glazed bathroom doors have to be fitted with safety glass?
Lots to ponder...
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