1920s house - Mock Tudor?

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1920s house - Mock Tudor?

Postby weedy man » Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:36 pm

Have just had an offer accepted on 4 bed semi. It has Mock Tudor type frontage but the house next door does not, would this have been original?
The date on the front of the house is 1920.
I am considering removing the mock tudor (fake) beams, but the house has a exterior coating so i guess this would all need to be re-applied.

We also would like to replace the (replacement) UPVC front door and side windows with a door more in keeping. Is it possible, i have seen salvage stained glass doors, but what do you do about the modern frame and side windows.

Any advice much appreciated.
weedy man
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1920s house - Mock Tudor

Postby Spoog » Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:47 pm

Hi Weedy Man. Please don't be too hasty in removing the timbering! It is difficult to speak authoritively without seeing a picture, but quite possible for yours to be authentically timbered and your neighbours not.

The "Tudorbethan" design, with "cottagey" beams and render was extremely popular from the 1900s, right through the twenties and into the thirties, by which time it had become the typical suburban style. If you can, have a look at The Book of the Edwardian & Interwar House by Richard Russell Lawrence, which is full of cracking pictures and useful information on all aspects of these fantastic houses.

It should be possible, with a bit of looking around and maybe a good builder, to replicate an appropriate porch with genuine door, stained glass, and maybe even the frame and roof itself, from reclamation yards and/or the architectural salvage section of ebay. Have a look on Salvoweb to find your local yard and maybe post a picture, to see what other members think? Good luck
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