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Chimney - opening up etc

Postby Simon TL » Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:18 pm

We have had this enquiry:

We have an Edwardian House and want to have an open fire. In our sitting rioom there are two chimney breasts, and only the back one has a chimney stack on the roof. We need to get the chimneys checked out and one of the fireplaces opened up. Could you recommend a company who could assess what work is possible and needs to be done?

We replied:

You will probably not find a single source of help! You need a general builder, a chimneysweep to clean and check chimneys/flues, and a local fireplace shop or two; they will guide you through old and repro options and if any chimney lining is needed, can probably arrange it. Rebuilding a stack is a good thing to do but complex if the roof has been extended to cover hole left by the removal.

I would speak to your neighbours for the general builder - this is a local thing! Yellow Pages for the sweep and local fireplace shops.

With repro fireplaces try to pick an appropriate style and look for very crisp casting detail. With antique, it must have all the parts. And in both cases, it must be the right size, - it must fit comfortably on the chimney breast - not too wide and not too narrow.

Read this for some more guidance: ... eplace.pdf

Hope that helps... Maybe someone else can help too.
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