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The Victorian House Manual -

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Ian Alistair Rock


Many of you of a certain generation will know, and have, grubby copies of Haynes manuals for repairing cars. For several years, Haynes have been publishing books covering other topics; this manual is destined to be another commonly grubby book.

With lots of colour pictures, this book explains some of the history of houses from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, but its main role is to help you diagnose and remedy problems with houses from these periods.

The book takes a helpfully pragmatic view of different materials and approaches to house maintenance; where there are pros and cons, it presents a balanced judgement. Where the arguments are clearer, it gives the reader confidence in repelling the advice of less well-educated builders and 'experts'.

This is definitely an essential book for owners of Victorian and Edwardian houses, and useful to people who have older properties and those built between 1918 and 1939.


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